Selected Testimonials

“The most practically relevant program I ever attended in 20 years as a manager. I should have done it at first …”
– Head of Unit, European Commission, Brussels

“I have a Uni Degree, a PHD and an MBA. And now I’ve got it!”
– Middle Manager, NSW Department, Sydney

“I assumed I would be bored during a 4-day management training course, instead it was all so relevant, practical, enjoyable and engaging. The best training I have ever attended.”
– Business Unit Manager, DHL Asia Pacific, Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia

“Very liberating!! Great combination of learning tools, visual aids, discussion, reflection and making me “do.”
– Capability Development Manager, AMP Ltd, Sydney

“I thought I had seen all available training courses in my career by now. But this is really new, exciting and so much needed. It will enhance my influencing power by far.”
– Internal Consultant, NSW Department, Sydney

“In my long life in HR, I never came across such a great and consistently positive feedback like from this leadership training. Both verbally – people came to my office to say thank you for this training – and written in the evaluations! Awesome!”
– HR Director, KAMAX Automotive L.P., Troy, Michigan, USA