Moderation Method

Maximum participation, results and buy-in

The Moderation Method is both an approach and a system for interactive working and learning in groups using a creative, yet structured visual dialogue process.

Why is it so special?

Visual communication process: Instead of solely talking, all contributions are made visually using coloured cards, other visual tools and large mobile pinboards.

  • In verbal discussions, only one person can speak at a time. Only a few people are active and take control, while the majority stays passive, which is a waste of time and intellectual capacity. How many times have you caught yourself daydreaming in a PowerPoint presentation? In visual dialogues, the expertise and potential of all participants is called for at all time.
  • A few extroverts, experts or senior hierarchies do not dominate discussions.
  • For many it is easier to write things down than to speak up, especially in a culturally diverse environment or when a mix of hierarchies is in room.
  • The work process and output are transparent and visible at all times. The right brain hemisphere is engaged appropriately. This enables groups to work with complex content and large amounts of information in a relative short time frame.
All participants participate actively: All group members are involved in the same way and are active at any given time. It’s working as a social activity, which brings people together and builds relationships.
Sustainable results in short time: Because everybody is active and working simultaneously, more things get done in less time. The Moderation Method significantly accelerates group work processes.
Buy-in: Because all group members really participate and every step is transparent, the buy-in to decisions and action plans is very high.
Real participation: The greater the level of participation in a process, the greater the level of shared responsibility for the outcome and the implementation of decisions.

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