Coaching for individuals, groups and teams

Involve International delivers coaching to individuals, groups and teams in many leadership, communication and personal aspects in a confidential one-on-one or small group environment between a coach and a coachee or a group of coachees.

Individual coaching supports a person to reflect on own habitual ways of thinking, behaviour patterns and attitudes and provides a new perspective. It helps to identify pathways to meet challenges, to overcome obstacles and to develop best practices in leadership and self-management. It’s a journey to continually improve productivity, performance and personal impact.

Group coaching is set up similarly to individual coaching, just as a group. A number of people from similar or identical roles with the same challenges go through a process of identification and reflection of challenges and development needs before taken by the coach on the road to meet those challenges and develop sustainable pathways to the desired state.

Team coaching supports a project or regular team to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges and encourages reflecting on own behaviour patterns, dynamics and norms. It helps to move a team forward through various stages in it’s own development to continually improve collaboration and performance.