Facilitation of Team Building and Development

Improving team collaboration and effectiveness

Successful team building processes can significantly improve a collaborative workplace culture, activate hidden capabilities and prevent many workplace inefficiencies that are caused by lack of mutual understanding and communication.

Teambuilding with Involve International improves:

  • team efficiency through better mutual understanding of individual behaviours and personalities
  • innovation due to a collaborative workplace culture that encourages creative thinking
  • team effectiveness by making more use of cultural and professional diversity involving all team members.

Examples of team building and development processes:

  • Exercises to get to know each other
    Activities where the participants learn about each other either through team exercises, exchange of experiences, marketplaces or exhibitions or diagnostic tools like Team Management Profiles, MBTI, DISC or Belbin’s team roles
  • Experiential learning of collaborative behaviour
    Activities that provide an opportunity to experience and explore principles of successful collaboration in teams, e.g. outdoor and indoor activities and tasks
  • Cross-cultural team building
    Activities and forums that provide an understanding of the different cultures in a team or organisation and promote mutual acceptance and better use of cultural diversity

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