Customised Training Services

Immediate impact on performance and productivity

Relevant, substantial and engaging training with practicable outcomes

Corporate investments in training should – in contrast to investments in education – deliver direct results in performance, productivity and workplace culture. As the personal and practical skills that build Involve Internationals training portfolio still require presence in training rooms, those training sessions need to be both effective and efficient, and blend in well with work roles and corporate requirements.

All training formats conducted by Involve International hold the following characteristics:

  • approx. 80% of all training content is practicable by the participants directly after the training
  • all training content combines substantiated conceptual insights with practical tools and techniques
  • all training processes are highly engaging without being “touchy-feely” (e.g. no exposure of individuals in groups or “holding-hand-exercises”) and therefore suited for multi-cultural audiences
  • nearly all training is delivered “PowerPoint-free” using prepared unique learning posters instead to enhance learning during and memorisation after the training.

Involve International offers tailored and flexible learning solutions that accommodate the needs of individuals and businesses with the following training services:

Training briefing and customised training design

A consultation process defines the needs of the learners and the organisation. Using proven content this briefing is translated into a learning design that matches all requirements (e.g. regarding selection of content modules in various depths, time, workplace absence, delivery processes).

Flexible delivery

Involve International offers the following flexible delivery options for all learning solutions:

  • 1-x days in-house training workshops
  • Online training (in modules of 90-120 min each)
  • Refresher and follow-up workshops
  • Series of half or full day training workshops
  • Lunch & Learn 90-min sessions
  • Experiential learning on real or virtual projects
  • Best practice pit-stops
  • A combination of all formats above.

Transfer tools

  • Checklists and practical guides
  • Project assignments (e.g. between modules of training)
  • Individual or group coaching
  • Learning posters for mobile devices