Workshops and Forums

Active, collaborative, productive

Use Involve International as external facilitator for workshops, forums, focus groups or conferences when you:

  • want professional process expertise on effective and collaborative group working processes
  • require a structured process that builds buy-in and leads to concrete outcomes quickly
  • don’t want to use internal facilitators (they may be too involved or not (seen as) neutral).

Involve International provides facilitation services using predominantly the Moderation Method, also in conjunction with other successful facilitation techniques, to maximise the participation and buy-in from all people who are involved in any corporate event or development process.

Examples of facilitated events include:

  • Team away days
  • Team Building
  • Planning forums
  • Road mapping
  • Conferences (as alternative to lengthy slideshows make conferences active, participative and achieve outcomes using a “marketplace”, “thinking centre” and “room for improvement”
  • Focus and User Groups (e.g. continuous improvement, generating ideas, sharing experiences)
  • Problem Solving
  • Conflict Mediation/Dispute Resolution

Please contact Involve International to arrange a meeting and free initial consultation.