Stakeholder Consultation

Facilitation of staff and stakeholder consultation processes and forums

When engaging staff or stakeholders, they key challenge is to avoid “over-engaging” (may be inefficient and raise unfulfillable expectations) as well as “under-engaging” (may be perceived as exclusion and lead to disengagement and frustration).

Use Involve International as external partner to both plan and execute staff and stakeholder engagement that achieves tangible outcomes efficiently whilst building sustainable relationships.

  • Mapping out effective engagement and consultation processes
  • Exploring interests and objectives of stakeholders
  • Planning and facilitating internal, external and public consultation forums
  • Training and coaching internal facilitators and negotiators

Involve International also uses the Moderation Method for consultations (for example marketplaces and interactive exhibitions) as it maximises simultaneous participation and captures contributions in short time frames. It also literally “moderates” behaviours from those who are consulted.

Please contact Involve International to arrange a meeting and free initial consultation.