Facilitation Services

With the use of its involving visual dialogue process, the Moderation Method, Involve International is an ideal partner to facilitate change, business planning processes, corporate workshops and teambuilding initiatives. This method produces practicable results at work and nurtures a collaborative working culture as a valuable business asset.

Why involve people?

Involving internal people creates practical solutions with a strong commitment to implement them. Although these solutions may not be as perfect as the instructed solutions of an external expert, the full intrinsic motivation of the people involved is more valuable than theoretical perfection imparted to them.

Involving people promotes their commitment to the organisation. The best performing people value participation and influence in corporate decision making processes and business planning. They develop a sense of ownership of the organisation and its objectives and strive for it. And stay longer!

Involve International provides you with the right facilitation process to involve your people.

You can either use Involve International’s facilitation services. Please click on each service for detailed description:

Or you can use Involve International’s training services and built internal facilitation capabilities in Effective and engaging group facilitation skills.